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Child support is one of the most commonly contested issues in a divorce. Both parents have the responsibility to support a child equally following a divorce.

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We understand that marriage does not always end in happily ever after, but every child deserves continuing emotional and financial support from both parents even if parents cannot reconcile their differences.

Unfortunately, issues and problems with child support are not always addressed in the most satisfactory way. Perhaps one parent is not making his or her payments on time, or maybe not at all. Often, the parties cannot come to an agreement on a proper amount, with one person arguing that the amount is insufficient and the other arguing that is too much.

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As is most often the case, a father or mother does not choose to let his or her child suffer. Rather, the abrupt change in lifestyle – adjusting to one income instead of two, perhaps finding a job after being a stay-at-home parent, or another challenge that person did not expect – prevents a parent from making regular payments. You can rely on The Peterson Law Firm to help you understand the resources available to you so that you can continue to support and provide for the children that you love. With experienced divorce lawyers in Phoenix AZ helping you out, you should be able to come to an agreement that will be beneficial for your kids.

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Keep in mind that even after all the decisions have been made and the divorce is finalized, modifications to child support arrangements can still occur. If either party to the divorce experiences a significant change of circumstances, it may require an alteration to the child support agreement. This includes a change in income, sudden unemployment, severe injury, and certain other events. Due to the complications that can arise concerning child support agreements and the potentially far-reaching consequences of those complications, you would certainly benefit from confronting these challenges with an experienced and knowledgeable attorney by your side.

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Beyond that, it is important for you to understand other aspects of child support like how it is calculated to begin with; what to do if unforeseen circumstances prevent you from making your payments on time; or, in very rare situations, how to legally stop making child support payments if you suspect you may not be the father of a child. All of your questions can be addressed by contacting The Peterson Law Firm and discussing your case with the top divorce attorneys Phoenix can provide.

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